Market trend of polyamide resin

May 24, 2022
Polyamide resin is the main raw material for ink production. So it effect cost of ink directly if polyamide resin is keeping rise sharply.

Since last year, the price trend of polyamide resin has been on the rise. What causes polyamide resin prices to continue to rise?

Let's share some informations as follows;

It is well known that the main raw material of polyamide resin is oleic acid. With the development of biodiesel industry, a large number of oleic acid raw materials have poured into the biodiesel market, resulting in a shortage of oleic acid in the plant producing polyamide resin.especially this year the international oil price fluctuates, the overall trend will rise sharply, and the increase will hit a record high in seven years.  China domestic gasoline and diesel prices is keeping rise every month. So it makes there have very large demand for biodiesel in market this year.

By the end of 2021, the spread of Omicron mutant virus will bring pressure to the logistics supply chain. Port congestion will continue to ferment, and freight rates will rise all the way. Supply chain congestion has become the biggest driving force for freight rate rise. By this year, the global terminal congestion situation will continue. The freight charges don't drop down.

Dow and many other big factories were suddenly suspended due to force majeure from last month. So it makes prices of various chemical raw materials continued to rise, especially the price of ethylenediamine(raw material of polyamide resin) rise sharply.

According to this market situation, the price of polyamide resin will continue to keep higher level in the coming months, making it difficult to reduce the cost of polyamide resin.

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